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About Me

Author of Rick V Reward: the Employee Employer Conundrum - Available now on Amazon get your copy here

Throughout the last 15 years i have been fortunate to follow a plethora of interests, hobbies and experiences which have formed my working life. Beginning in Sales and marketing from within an international corporation BT Plc to running my own businesses and delivering consultancy to help and improve businesses to achieve their goals. In 2009 i took a personal decision to always follow my heart and do the things that make me happy wherever possible - focusing on lifestyle choices over promotions and working hours. This i believe has always stood me in good stead and has allowed me to follow my hobbies and interests with my passion for business, writing, cinema, film and television and people.

Below is a little bit about me from my business interests to my passion projects on my journey so far. In 2016 i have set a target of writing blogs, immersing myself in the written word and pushing myself to publish and produce my written work. Hopefully one day i will look back at this site as the catalyst to this development.

Business Life:

My business life began at BT Plc where i learnt my craft as a salesman and marketeer - developing engaging pathways to open new business conversations this carried through to today where i still actively work with and on behalf of businesses to aid growth.

In 2010 i left to pursue a new career running businesses and consulting to other business on various experienced items such as:

  • Business Strategy
  • Sales/Marketing
  • People / training 
  • Financials 

Roles have been in multiple sectors including Telecoms, Marketing and more recently Social Health Care - specifically Dementia.

These roles through to 2015 help me grow and learn even more about people and what i was truly interested. 

As part of this i have been involved in networking groups and ran Trade Associations in the Care Sector which was a real highlight working with people for a cause and purpose not just for profit .

More detail on some of the companies i have been involved with can be found on my Business Interests page.



Due to my passion for film, cinema and TV following on from my career experiences i decided that i wanted to write and some how become involved in the media as an industry. I truly enjoy storytelling and being creative around new story ideas. So in 2014 i began my journey to learn as much as i could and re-educate myself to certain degree on how to become a creative writer. 

I started with writing about my business career and some of the things i have learned along the way. I always had a desired to make employees happy and motivated so what better thing to write about. My first book was published in 2017. Its called Risk vs Reward: The Employer Employee Conundrum

Also available are a series of blogs and article written on the Healthcare Sector with can be found on my media partner website Driven By Health.

Additional to my writing as a hobby a write comedy and dramas screenplays with a passion for Film & TV.

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