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What could have been... The new Fantastic Four movie...


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What could have been... The new Fantastic Four movie...

Adam Hutchison

So i finally watched the much maligned and anticipated Marvel Movie Fantastic Four, as huge comic book and especially marvel bias fan boy i was originally really looking forward to seeing this movie. What was there to initially dislike great up and coming director CHECK, great cast CHECK, great comic book history CHECK, new innovative ideas for the story CHECK.

So as a movie and cinema fan i wanted to go to watch the on the big screen but constant poor reviews led me to avoid going at my peril. Although finally i succumbed to the peer pressure. 

So after watching it this its as if moments of the script where removed for no reason which ruined continuity and meant you have to make your own mind up of what could have been. Considering many comic book movies run at an average of 2 hours +, who made the strange decision to cut out many of the key plot beats and expect his audience to work it out for themselves or even assume how characters got to where they are. There was real potential in the plot and how the process of these characters reimagining was created but it seems that the writers and directors imagination was stifled by some sort of board room disagreement. One of my pet hates in movies is the "1 Year Later" moment! it completely ruins any of the buy in to the plot? Why disregard, why these characters would suddenly become who they are. The issues they raise would have been raised throughout this 12 month hiatus from the plot and poor verbal exposition is just insulting to the watcher.

Even with the original very comic focused Fantastic Four movies of a decade back, they showed a character development that is severely lacking in the new incarnation, which is a drastic statement i know. For example The Thing (Ben Grimm) why is he so ok with who he has become - in that year of waiting for nothing why has he not developed a real frustration of who he has become / what he has become. Instead he just happily becomes a warrior for the US Armed forces that is just such an insult to viewers.

This film could have been a breakout in innovation for a Non Marvel Studios movie and regain the faith of fans ruined by Spiderman reboots and X-Men movies which lets be honest have been miles away from Marvel owned properties such as Avengers, Thor, Cap America and a personal favourite Guardians of the Galaxy.

I truly dont believe the issue was in the writing or development as the story seems to be really quite innovative, its as if some board room executive has decided to make a mark and scale it down to a quick fire origin story with the hope that a new franchise is born. The problem is a franchise is only born from the development of the initial properties you cant assume people will just say "Fantastic Four, ok ill watch whatever comes out" this is just not true and a naive take on the fan base.

I truly wanted to love this movie and i think there is a real version of the movie out there somewhere which is for a change a longer version with a more balanced plot and less of a rushed feel. I dont hate it all i just know there is a good comic book movie in there somewhere which i really want to see. So Josh Trank/Simon Kinberg i salute your innovative ideas and hope to see you make more movies which are not screen tested and cut within an inch of their life, one day studios will just let talented writers write and director direct and the final product will produce the same revenue as it would have done but will at least be a good watch rather than and deflating disappointment of what could have been..