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Recent Article on Solar PV and Energy Efficiency in Caring UK.


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Recent Article on Solar PV and Energy Efficiency in Caring UK.

Adam Hutchison

Recent Blog Article has been published in Caring UK - information on Solar PV and Energy efficiency programmes in the care sector.

Not Sure where the photo came from though - think this is from a previous article when we raised money for Alzheimers Society (FYI we raised £3500 by cycling to Paris) Not my best shot but hey thanks Dominic Musgrove @Caring UK for this one...


Article by Adam Hutchison – Managing Director of CareSourced, the Healthcare Cost Efficiency Business.

The care sector is competitive, and in an environment where many providers have maximised their income through adding value to customers.  Over the recent years a shift in focus has been made to reducing costs, as reduced costs is more money left in the tin for investment – or profit (don’t forget – “profit” is not a dirty word)

With innovation top of the priority list when it comes to CQC why are new innovative approaches to energy costs not being looked at in more detail by care providers. The most common answer is that many simply don’t know enough about them and how they can truly help both now and in the future.

Take, for example, innovative approaches to reducing energy bills.

Week in week out, most providers are bombarded with calls offering products and services at reduced rates.  Just talking to these “telesales” people uses up so much management time that in the end many just block all calls.  How many times have callers promised lower energy bills, without ever knowing what your current bill is?

Looking at alternative solutions to a simple straight energy provider swap can prove far more useful.  Take, for example, Solar PV.

Solar PV has had some startling acceptance around the world, with figures showing rising percentages of global energy production coming from the Sun.

Whilst the technology of Solar PV is long established (over 50 years), and a common sight (have you seen them popping up on roofs and in fields?), there is still a lack of uptake in the UK care sector.  Often new technologies are seen as a risk, through the aforementioned lack of knowledge, and solar PV is relatively new to the long established care sector.

As with any technology, understanding the key points and getting exceptional, tailored, advice is incredibly important.

CareSourced gives advice exclusively to healthcare providers, across a range of efficiency solutions.  Each possible solution is reviewed by the senior management team, each of which has many years’ experience at senior level within the health care sector prior to joining the CareSourced team.  This deep understanding of the healthcare market allows focus on improvement without detriment to the underlying business.  Solar PV is just one element of a suite of options that can be proposed.

There are five reasons why healthcare providers use their redundant roof space for Solar PV systems.

  1. a)Savings on Energy Bills
  2. b)Selling excess energy
  3. c)Getting Government backed incentives
  4. d)Reducing Carbon Footprints
  5. e)Showing Customers a green side

Procuring PV requires specialist understanding of the market place and the technology.  It’s important to consider the overall objectives, costs, and technical proposals for the PV system.  The solar PV market provides many solutions – and as with any “sales” driven industry, picking through mixed messages, marketing speak and half-truths can prove difficult, and occasionally dangerous (CareSourced have several examples of where customers came to us too late for us to resolve legal problems and installation issues, after the PV had been fitted and their installer had gone bankrupt).

And above all there is the need to drive best value.  CareSourced has exceptional buying power for technological solutions for the healthcare sector.  By combining our clients together under common procurement methods, we drive volume discounts bringing benefits across a range of client’s simultaneously. 


CareSourced was founded with a vision to bring significant improvements in profitability to the healthcare sector.  The senior management team has all had extensive experience running care homes across the UK, and it is this experience that sets us apart in how we identify opportunities for cost efficiency.

CareSourced analyses healthcare businesses both across multiple sites, and on a site by site basis, then plans and delivers efficiency programmes that save costs and resources without increasing management operational time.