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Risk v reward

The Employee Employer Conundrum

Published June 2017

Published June 2017

Author of Non-Fiction book.

Based on experiences in running businesses and working with multiple employees - i thought it time i share some learnings - linked with that of the many great leadership and business books i have read.

Available from Mereo Books Publishing

& through Amazon paperback or Kindle in 2017

The Risk vs The Reward - The Employee Employer Conundrum; the first book by Adam Hutchison. Adam has spent the last 15 years working in private and public sector operating within corporate and SME environments. Working from the operating level on the front line to running departments and his own businesses. During this time his experiences have always brought a key question “What makes a business great?” the answer every time is “People”. Although this is a huge subject the word people is paramount to a business this book explores the Do’s and Dont’s of people, why do we employee? How do we employee? What cultures are right? And how cultures are created? The involvement of people is in direct correlation to the development of a business whether its 5 people to 5000 people the message needs to be the same.